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Congratulation to Intra-Italia Hydraulic on passing the re-examination of "Dragon Enterprise"
2013-01-17 17:05:38 Click
The honor belongs to the advanced leadership and the great effort of the whole company.
The 300 Dragon Enterprises were selected among 30000 manufacturers and 50000 commercial companies in Shunde.
What is the "Dragon Project (Enterprise)"?
The "Dragon Project" is an important step of achieving growup of private/small enterprises in Shunde, which also indicates the overall policies of support to them. The 300 selected enterpirises can be more competitve, innovative and international with the 30 detailed supports in this project. The audit & quota system of "Dragon Enterprise" is very strict and objective, which contains 6 first-class targets, 19 second-class targets and 71 third-class targets.
In order to improve the development of private/small enterprises and the levelup of the industrial economy, Shunde government auditted over 800 substances each and selected 300 candidates as the "Dragon Enterprise". Intra-Italia Hydraulics is one of them.

The honor encourages us to move on and on, until we become bigger and stronger. We are confident to be one of the domestic leading manufacturer of hydraulic motor in short future with the support of government.