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  • Talent Center
    2012-10-21 01:40:56

    Since the establishment, Intra-italia Co. has been adhering to the conception of human oriented and providing a firm and stable platform of talents' occupational development and value chain interaction with perfect welfare treatment, multi-channel non-restrained employment, persistent training mechanism and innovative inspiration mechanism. We sincerely welcome the talents with good comprehensive quality and specialty to join in our team.


    Welfare for employees

    (1) The salary and welfare of employees shall be maintained stable;


    (2) The employees will get insurance in medical treatment, pension, labour injury and unemployment;


    (3) Year-end bonus will be offered to employees according to their achievements;


    (4) The employees can enjoy 11, 13 and 16 day pay vocation according to their service year in the company;


    (5) The employees can enjoy vocation for marriage, funeral, labour injury, family planning according to national regulation;


    (6) The company has established a complete set of training system involving employees trainings such as new employees training, pre-job       training, on-the-job training, entrusting training, special training and so on.


    (7) The company has been advocating its corporate culture and organizing regular activities to enrich the cultural life of employees. Every month, it holds birthday party and gives reward to employees at their birthday. Every year, it chooses excellent employees and awards them honour certificates and bonus. It also arranges all the employees for tourism on regular basis.