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  • Operation
    2012-10-21 01:35:40


    1.    Pre-start inspection

           Before first start of hydraulic motor, the following items shall be checked 

    1.1  Confirm motor connecting form to comply with requirement of rotation direction. 

           The standard rotation direction of motor: 

           Clockwise rotation (viewing from shaft end): Feed pressure oil from A position  

           Counter-cclockwise rotation (viewing from shaft end): Feed pressure oil from B position 

    1.2  Confirm input end and connect the shell correctly 

    1.3  In case that the motor is continuous to run or the system cannot be ensured to reach the viscidity condition of working liquid required by motor, it is required to establish flushing system  

    1.4  All the matching surface and oil plug shall be tightened to avoid leaking. 


    2.  Lubrication 

         (Notice) All the motors supplied are not filled with lubricant.

          The two oil discharge holes of motor shell shall be covered with twocovers, one is metal cover and another is plastic cover. 

    ----Turn the motor to the working position to ensure the metal cover to seal up oil discharge hole of lower level.

    ----Fill the oil from high shell oil hole with hydraulic oil of the system. The oil level shall be ensured with effective lubrication of two bearings.

        (Notice) Hydraulic oil must be filtered in advance.


    3.  Start-up 

         After start-up, it is required to check hydraulic system carefully. The motor is not required to stop specially,but it needs to run  without load to eliminate the impurities of the system. After running for a period of time,the filter must be flushed. The air generating from motor cylinder shall be eliminated since the air will add noise. If the filter is too dirty, it is required to repeat flushing and running for several times, which does not mean that flushing regulation is not complied with. 

         (Notice) The above regulation shall be complied with during disassembling of motor and system components. 

         During no-load running, it is required to ensure sufficiently low pressure, temperature and noise. High pressure, temperature and noise are not abnormal for no-load running.