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  • Erection
    2012-10-21 01:35:13


    1.Erect motor on the system. 

    The system shall be fitted with corresponding flanges in the position for motor erection. The flanges shall be flat, safely oil eliminated and free of deformation. The motor must be connected with corresponding nuts and provided with lock washers. The screw tightening torque must reach 70% of its fastening load .


    In case rigid coupling is used, it is required to ensure coaxiality between motor driving shaft and match shaft without radial or axial load to avoid mechanical stress and reduction of bearing service life.

    The hydraulic motor can be horizontally erected, vertically erected with shaft end upward or vertically erected with shaft end downward. No special requirement is available for input end. The only attention shall be paid to liquid discharge opening of shell (refer to 2.2).


    2. Hydraulic connection 

    2.1 Main feed pipe 

    On the rotary valve cover of hydraulic motor, there are two standard holes and six screws. These two standard holes (as per request of users) are input hole and output hole respectively.


    (Notice): Before main input tube is connected, the plastic cover on input hole shall be removed first.


    The connected tube must be cold-drawn and polished steel tube, which shall be cut with ring type cutter and fitted on flange. Welded tube is not recommended to be used. In case that welded tube is used, it must be flushed mechanically and pickled chemically to clean up the inner wall of the tube completely so as to prevent welding slag going into oil line.


    When the tube has oxidation sign or is not very clean, it must be performed with acid pickling.


    2.2 Shell tube

    The shell tube must be directly connected with oil tank (without oil filter) via 1/2¡¯¡¯ or 3/8¡± tube, which shall not be too long and shall not have excessive bends and necks. The internal pressure of motor shell shall not exceed 5 bar to avoid damage of sealing element on eccentric shaft.


    As shown in Figure 1, 2 and 3, the shell tube must be connected in accordance with the following description:


    Horizontal erection: It is required to use the highest two shell oil discharging holes to ensure good lubrication of two bearings. The shaft end is vertically erected downward. Any oil discharge hole can be used.


    Shaft end erected downward: One of the oil discharge holes on motor shell can be used. Before connecting oil tank, the highest position of tube shall be ensured on the motor flange to ensure bearing lubrication.