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  • Transportation and Storage
    2012-10-21 01:34:36

    Transportation and storage


    [Warning]: The lifting, handling, storing, erection of mechanic, hydraulic  and electric devices are only performed by qualified specialists who have been trained.


    During transportation, attention shall be paid to avoid damage of 



    We recommend that the hydraulic motor shall not be placed either in a humid place of open air or on the floor.


    The hydraulic motor can be stored in a warehouse for max. 3 months.


    In case the hydraulic motor needs to be stored in a warehouse for longer time (or in a humid place), it must be filled with hydraulic oil for storage. 


    [Warning]: When the hydraulic motor is placed under an abnormal temperature, it will be seriously damaged. It shall not be exposed to the temperature below -30oC and above 80oC.



    Inspection shall be undertaken in accordance with packaging list to confirm if the components are damaged and quantity is correct. In case of any incorrect quantity or damage, please inform us without delay. Users shall contact with us according to the number of nameplate.



    For erection or disassembling of motor, it is recommended to haul motor in following way as shown in Figure 1 and tie up motor with nylon strap.


    [Notice]:Special lifters shall be used for motors of different types.


    As shown in Figure 2, lift motor with special lifter.